Asset inspection- Tampa, FL

Asset Inspection can be done with a multitude of tools, in a number of ways, so why choose drones?


Safer, efficient, money-saving. Keep your staff safe by utilizing our drone technology & methods to complete your inspections in a fraction of the time.

No longer do you need to put staff at risk with expensive scaffolding or cranes. Using state-of-the-art drones, we capture highly detailed photos and video of an asset then post-process that data providing our customers with centimeter-accurate data.

Your team can work alongside our highly experienced drone pilots monitoring the high-definition video link and provide direction at the same time. 

Deliverables are easily viewed in your Online Customer Portal where your data can be quickly exported to colleagues or contractors.  















With tremendous savings in time, you can now get to work sooner.

Contact us today to learn more. 

Traveling throughout Florida, FTG UAV/UAS can come to you and achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

Drone inspections can save your organizations time & money. faster than manually inspecting and less time inspecting means faster speed and less worker/employee cost. 

quality, reliable, economical 

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