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UAVD DJI Matrice 300 RTK Tethered Power Station

UAVD DJI M300 drone tethered system brought to you by Fowado US!

24/7 Operations
Power is supplied from the ground via a powerline (tether system) to the M300 RTK in the air.  A generator's power is converted to DC high voltage, which is transmitted to the onboard power supply of the drone through the high-performance nickel alloy power supply cable, converting it to DC 12S voltage used by the drone. This allows continuous power to the M300 flight platform, and together with the battery backup, it can achieve 24 hours of safe, continuous operation.


Easy & Efficient 
Traditional drones are generally controlled by remote control, which has a large learning cost. The tethered drone system is completely controlled by the ground station to take off, land, and change altitude. It will automatically land under abnormal conditions, reducing the difficulty of operator entry. More energy is placed on the use of task payloads. And the tethered UAV system preparation and recovery time is shorter.


Mobile Operation
Operators can gain control of the aircraft, making task deployment and team collaboration more flexible.


Perfect Cooperation
Based on electric multi-rotor UAV technology, it inherits the advantages of the simple overall structure, few mechanical parts, easy control, and fast response, which is conducive to the improvement of system reliability. The mooring system is perfectly compatible with the drone and does not interfere with the drone’s high frequency, continuity, and normalized cruise operations.



UAV Air Power Unit (Bird-side)
Material:    aluminum alloy
Size:    130mm×100mm×100mm
Weight:    600g±5%  or  22 Ounces 
Installation method:    Quick-release buckle design
Rated output current:    50A
Rated output voltage:    DC 48-51V
Rated input voltage:   DC 400-420V
Continuous flight time:    24H (powerline Tethered )
Protection function:    In tethered power supply mode, the drone can be normally flying and landing when the power supply is interrupted during the flight

Ground Power Unit
Size:    500mm×400mm×380mm      or     19.68" x 15.74" x 14.96"
Weight:   20kg  or 45LBS
Electric composite cable Length:    0-120m  or 393 Feet
Rated input voltage:    AC 220V    (GENERATOR WITH 240V OUTPUT REQUIRED)
Input voltage range:    AC220.0+10%V
Rated output voltage:    DC 400-430V
Max output current    7A
Rated output power    >2000W

The ground power supply has a manual and automatic integrated cable take-up function, which is efficient & convenient.

UAVD DJI Matrice 300 RTK Tethered Power Station

SKU: FTD-3200
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