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M900 V2 - Ready to Fly - Bundle

Our smallest heavy lift payload drone, the M900 Max is great for carrying small payloads (under 5lbs) or to be used as a trainer for larger multi-rotor systems. A perfect drone for small customizations.  This model is built right here in Tampa Florida USA by Americans for Americans, giving you a user-friendly aircraft that's turn-key ready and supported locally.



  • M900 Max Quadcopter - Ready To Fly
  • Herelink HD Video Transmission System
  • Ultra Wide Angle FPV Gimbal Single Axis Tilt with160 Degree FOV 108
  • Fowado 22.2V 6S 22000mAh Lipo Battery 25C with XT90-S Connector
  • 6S Lithium Battery Balance Charger for Drone | PC1080


M900 Max Quadcopter Specifications:

  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 900mm
  • Folded Size: 500x450x600mm
  • Expanded Size: 700x700x600mm
  • M900 Weight: 7.27lbs
  • Max Take-Off Weight: 22.04lbs
  • Max load:  5lbs
  • Voltage: 6S 
  • Compatible battery: 6S 22.2V 12000mah to 25000mah (sold seperately)
  • Flight Controller:  Pixhawk 6C with M8N GPS. 
  • Remote Controller: Herelink 1080P Digital Video Data Transmission System
  • Motor:  5215 220KV Brushless Motor
  • ESC: 40A ESC
  • Propeller:  22" 2272 Carbon fiber propeller
  • Flight Time: About 40 minutes (with 14.77lbs takeoff weight) hovering               About 30 minutes (with 21lbs takeoff weight)


It is great for power inspection, fire search and rescue, traffic patrols, airdrops of lifesaving supplies and equipment, aerial photography, and more!


The drone is 95% assembled and pre-tuned with the Herelink remote controller.  Install the landing skids, prepare the battery, and you are ready to fly. 


One main feature of the M900 is the long flight time, with the 6S 22000mah lipo battery, the take-off weight of the drone is 6.7kg(14.77 lbs).  The non-load flight time is about 40 minutes. With a takeoff weight of 9.8kg (21.6 lbs) the flight time is about 29 minutes. 

M900 V2 - Ready to Fly - Bundle

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