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Herelink HD Video Transmission System (V1.1)


From Hex and ProfiCNC, the team who brought you Pixhawk and The Cube GPS system, comes an all-in-one solution for long-range HD video transmission. The Herelink HD Digital Video Transmission System.


This 2.4GHz radio controller with built-in screen allows users to get long range HD video, telemetry, and control link up to a whopping 20km. It uses the 2.4GHz band on LTE over WIFI. This allows maximum transmission distance. Purported to have a range of 20km in FCC and 12km in CE.


The large 5.5" screen displays a multitude of control options such as live images, autopilot configuration through the native QGround control or other GCS applications based on the Mavlink system.



  • All in one: Telemetry, Video, and control
  • Up to 20KM in FCC mode and 12KM in CE mode
  • 2.4Ghz frequency
  • UART Telemetry
  • RC Protocol: SBUS, iBUS, ETC.
  • Mavlink compatible
  • Touch screen
  • HDMI input x2 for 1080P video transmission @ 60fps
  • APP QGround control, and API for development.
  • WIFI, Bluetooth and USB to connect with other devices
  • Screen brightness of Herelink Controller is improved from 600nit to 1,000nit.
  • Ethernet port added on the Herelink Air Unit.
  • SD card slot added on the Herelink Air Unit



1 x Herelink Controller Unit
2 x Herelink Controller Joystick
1 x Herelink Omni-directional Antenna
1 x Herelink Directional Antenna

(Does Not Include Air Unit) 

Herelink HD Video Transmission System (V1.1)

SKU: FUS-HERE-V1.1.0001
  • Give us a call 813-575-2160

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