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Aerial mapping

tampa, florida

Fowado is proud to be one of Tampa's leading aerial mapping experts, providing quality, accuracy & insight for our clients. 


Our team of FAA-certified pilots provide high definition, measurable, real-world aerial mapping data, all in a timely manner varying on the project size. 

Creating maps for various reasons is still a big industry today and having something more precise than an aerial picture of an area is now possible. Using a method called photogrammetry we are able to provide our clients with centimeter-level accuracy of their property or asset. 3D models can then be thoroughly examined and even uploaded into CAD for further 3D processing.

Offering both flight services and post-flight data processing and an easy to use customer portal, FTG UAV/UAS can be your one-stop for aerial mapping, Setup an appointment today to learn just how convenient our services can be.

Traveling throughout Florida, FTG UAV/UAS can come to you and achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

quality, reliable, economical 

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