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tampa florida

disaster assessment

UAV Disaster Assessment is the remote observation of affected areas after a storm, flood, tornados & other severe weather, via HD & infrared cameras to assist local authorities in assessing affected areas, damage and difficult to access areas.

Observing the aftermath of a disaster via UAV allows analysis of essential areas to determine the severity of damage and coordinate response teams.
With excellent zoom rates and stability, a UAV can quietly sit out of the way. A full-size helicopter may be able to achieve the same outcome, but at what cost? Having a big machine, with two aircrew onboard is costly. A UAV can achieve the same thing for a fraction of the cost – and it can also record all the action on the ground, providing an excellent after-action review or training analysis.

Travelling throughout Florida, FTG UAV/UAS can come to you and achieve your mission objectives quickly and effectively.

Tampa disaster assessment
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