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While selling some of the most sophisticated drone equipment available to civilians FTG also offers custom UAS solutions that include engineering and manufacturing of custom UAS solutions, UAVs & payloads. 

Custom DJI Drone programming, drone software programer, autonoums, autonomy

Need help developing your great idea that will change the drone industry?


Reach out to us to learn how we can help turn your ideas into reality. 

Want to collaborate with an up and coming drone company in the Tampa Bay Area?


Below are some white paper PDFs for drone/sUAS projects we have worked on. These white papers will get you a brief idea of FTGs capabilities. With a straight forward pricing structure and friendly staff, we are ready to work with you or your organization to help fill in the blanks in your drone program or project. 

White Papers:

FTG Modernized Passive Acoustic Detection (MPAD) for Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS).

- Novel Approach to CUAS.

FTG UMS, intercept, jam, modify and transmit/broadcast FM/Television/Cellular across sUAS platforms during short-duration operations and conduct sUAS MISO messaging.    - Sofwerx EOTACS Competition. 

FTG Loudspeaker Operations from an sUAS platform

- Sofwerx EOTACS Competition. 

If you like what you read and you would like to work with us on one of these projects, or would like to inquire about us helping with your project, please reach out to us by clicking HERE

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