Used DJI Intelligent Flight Battery for Phantom 4 Pro , 5870mAh Capacity

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Used DJI Intelligent Flight Battery for Phantom 4 Pro & V2, 5870mAh Capacity


Certified Pre-Owned/Used batteries have been fully inspected and tested by FTG technicians.  All Pre-owned batteries sold are in "Like New" condition unless stated otherwise. Due to the batteries being a bulk supply we cannot determine the exact number of charges on each battery sold. The charge cycles on each battery will vary between 1-50 cycles.  All used batteries are guaranteed to have less than 50 cycles. 

Batteries used and stored in normal conditions are typically good for 200 cycles.


Key Features

  • Up to 30 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Intelligent Communication
  • Calculates Remaining Flight Time
  • Advanced Minimum Capacity Warning
  • Overcharge/Over-Drain Protection
  • Auto-Discharge for Long-Term Storage


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Install a fresh DJI Intelligent Flight Battery in your Phantom 4 Pro quadcopter and be ready to fly for up to 30 minutes. The "Intelligent" aspect of the battery enables communication that not only shows current capacity inside the app itself, it also calculates remaining flight times according to distance traveled and other factors.  While flying, the battery will send an alert to notify you when the minimal capacity is available for a safe flight plan back to the takeoff point.  Additionally, an internal battery management system prevents overcharging and over-draining, and when placed in long-term storage, the battery will self-discharge to a safe level in order to maintain cell health.

Used DJI Intelligent Flight Battery for Phantom 4 Pro , 5870mAh Capacity

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