Tattu Plus 1.0 12S series 

Suitable for agricultural & plant protection, security & mapping, power inspection and other industries the Tattu 12S Smart Battery is one of the best drone batteries on the market. 


16000mAh 12S 15C Battery Features:

- Communication protocol
- Communication protection
- Fuel gauge
- Self-inspection
- Using time log
- Current detection
- Ultra-Low power consumption
- Abnormal log



- Minimum Capacity: 16000mAh
- Configuration: 12S1P / 44.4V / 12 Cells
- Discharge Rate: 15C
- Max Burst Discharge Rate: 30C
- Net Weight(±20g): 4700g
- Dimensions: 224mm x 163mm x 90mm (L x W x H)
- Charge Plug: Micro USB+JST-XHR
- Discharge Plug: AS150U-F



Part Number: TA6385


UPC: 889551006385

Tattu Plus 1.0 16000mAh 44.4V 15C 12S1P Lipo Smart Battery Pack with AS150U Plug

SKU: TA-PLUS1.0-15C-16000-12S1P-AS150
sorting TattuLarge
Capacity(mAh) 16000
Voltage(V) 44.4
Discharge Rate (C) 15
Max Burst discharge Rate (C) 30
Configuration 12S1P
Net Weight(±20g) 4700
Length(±5mm) 224
Width(±2mm) 163
Height(±2mm) 90
Wire Gauge 8#
Discharge Wire Length(mm) 230
Balancer Connector Type JST-XHR
Balancer Wire Length(mm) No

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