DJI recommends that all Matrice 200 series pilots schedule a maintenance service after 50 hours of flight time. FTG is an authorized DJI retailer and will make sure your craft stays up-to-date and ready to fly.


*This service is for scheduled maintenance and updates ONLY! Additional repairs will be quoted to customer before performing.


Mail in Your Drone

Once you’ve completed your order, pack your Matrice 200 into a box or case (preferably a case good for shipment).


Ship the cargo to:

Attn: FTG UAS Service Dept
1013 US HWY 301 S



Once We Get Your Drone


A trained technician will begin recommended services on your Matrice 200. 


A Full Service includes:

  • Visual Inspection of aircraft Hull
  • Inspection of Aircraft landing gear
  • FPV Camera Calibration
  • Compass Calibration
  • Vision Sensor Calibration
  • Stress Crack Inspection
  • Aircraft Firmware Update
  • Aircraft Hull, Wings, Landing Gear & Mounts Cleaning
  • Central Component IMU Inspection and Calibration
  • Motor & Bearings Inspection
  • Motor Cleaning
  • Electronic Speed Controller Inspection
  • Remote Control Firmware Update
  • Remote Control Cleaning
  • Cooling System Inspection & Maintenance
  • Humidity and Water Seal Inspection
  • RTK and Ground Station Inspection and Test (As Required)
  • Battery Update & Test
  • Full Flight Test
  • Camera Video and Picture Test


If there are any issues with the aircraft you will receive a quote for additional parts & labor cost. 


Return Shipping of Your Drone

Return shipping in the continental U.S. is included in the maintenance service price. FTG UAS will ship your craft back and supply tracking information via email.




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