Go Professional Cases DJI Mavic Air Hard Case

Nothing protects a drone and its accessories better than a quality hard case, and no case has higher quality than the Go Pro Cases, including the DJI Mavic Air Hard Case. The hard case offers benefits lacking in the bags that come standard with the ultraportable quadcopter. The Mavic Air includes a soft storage and transport bag, and the Mavic Air Fly More Combo adds a larger travel bag, also soft. They help to avoid scratches, but they do not absorb bumps and other abuse the way the Go Pro Mavic Air Case does.

The Go Pro Mavic Air Case fits not only the drone and its controller but also all the accessories included in the Mavic Air Fly More Combo. It actually can hold more than the combo includes. Because the Mavic Air itself is compact and folds to ultraportable dimensions, the Go Pro case also is small, belying its cavernous capacity for gear. The Go Pro Mavic Air Case is not a backpack, but it’s small enough that it’s likely to fit inside any backpack you have, making it more convenient to carry.

Longevity is guaranteed—literally. The Go Pro Mavic Air Case carries a lifetime replacement warranty.

Go Pro Mavic Air Case features:

  • Case: SKB, molded
  • Weight: 7 lb.
  • Size: 18 x 14 x 7 inches
  • Dustproof/Waterproof: Military standard MIL-C-4150J; gasket seals lid and body together
  • Resistance: UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus
  • Hinge: Active, molded in
  • Handle: Snap-down, cushioned, positioned for briefcase-style carrying
  • Pressure equalization: Standard MIL-STD-648C
  • Foam: Water jet precision-cut closed-cell
  • Lockable: Padlock clips built in
  • Latch system: Trigger release

Protecting the Mavic Air, Accessories

The closed-cell foam protectant in the Go Pro Mavic Air Case is precisely cut by water jets to snug up against your Mavic Air UAV and hold it securely in place. It does the same for accessories. The underside of the lid also is lined with foam padding, so there’s no slipping, sliding or clanking inside the case when the quadcopter and peripherals are properly inserted into the cavities.

Space for All the Extras

Nobody wants to send a drone up once for a little over 20 minutes, return to base, and be done for the day. That’s why extra batteries are a must, and why the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo includes two extra. The Go Pro Mavic Air Case can hold even more batteries: four extras. That gives you flight time to capture all the sights on your itinerary, and all the fun you’re generating on the trail, in a canoe, or on a bike or horseback—whatever your passion.

The case also holds a charger and charging hub so that you can replenish your batteries if you have access to an electrical outlet. The total capacity of the Go Pro Mavic Air Case: Mavic Air, controller (you can even leave the joysticks attached), charger, charging hub, five total batteries, extra propellers, battery-to-power bank adapter, cables, and miscellaneous items.  

Easy Transport

The Go Pro Mavic Air Case makes transport easy and convenient. Carry the case briefcase style, using the padded, foldout heavy-duty handle. It stores against the case when not in use. The hard shell can take airport abuse, and the Mavic Air case can be carried on to an airliner because it will fit under a seat.

Resistance to Moisture, Dust, Prying Eyes

The solid SKB case uses a gasket around the opening between the body of the case and the lid. Once the case is latched tight, the solid exterior shell and gasket prevent intrusion by dust and water. That means the case provides extra protection in sandy or dusty areas, such as a beach, desert or hiking path. It is made to resist rain and to float, but it is not intended for immersion.

The latched case also has holes to accept padlocks, to keep unauthorized people from accessing your valuables.

Impact Absorption

The hard shell on the Go Pro Mavic Air Case takes plenty of hard knocks, not uncommon on active vacations and in airports. What’s more, the protective foam, precisely cut by water jets, further absorbs impacts and holds items securely in place.  

Pressure Equalization

A valve to equalize pressure inside the case with ambient pressure blocks dust and moisture from entering the case. It also allows potentially damaging moisture and heat to escape the confines of the case, further protecting equipment.


  • 1 Mavic Air
  • 1 Remote (with controller sticks attached)
  • 4 Extra Batteries (5 total with one in Mavic Air)
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Chargin Hub
  • Extra propellers
  • Battery to Power Bank Adaptor
  • Cables and misc. Spare Accessories

Go Professional Cases DJI Mavic Air Hard Case


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