If you want more distance out of your Phantom 3 Standard or 4K, here is your solution.

the 5.8ghz has been increased to 14.5dBi so it’s quite directional with 38 degrees beam width

the 2 2.4ghz helix antennas for rc control are 10.5dBi and have a 55 degrees beam width

It comes with 3 u.fl cables to rp-sma female and and a plastic mount that clips onto the metal handle of the radio.

With circular polarization, no matter what axis the transmitters antenna is placed at, the circular pattern still matches the receiver so no losses are incurred at all. This gives you much more penetration through trees, behind obstacles and more.

FPVLR Phantom 3 Standard/4K Circular Polarized Antenna Upgrade Kit


Up to 3x the distance of the stock antennas!

Aftermarket upgrade. Professional installation required. 


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