DJI Mavic Pro Middle Main Frame Replacement Service

DJI Mavic Pro Middle Main Frame Replacement Service


FTG Drones is Tampa Floridas DJI Drone Repair Experts! Our team has years of experience servicing & repairing DJI drones. We only use 100% genuine DJI parts, and we thouroughly test drones post repair to ensure a successful repair. If your in need of Mavic Pro Repair submit a repair ticket, then mail in or drop off your drone.

  • All drop-offs repairs require appointment. Please call 813-575-2160 to setup appointment.
  • Mail In Repairs Address:

FTG Drones Service Dept

1019 US HWY 301 SOUTH

TAMPA, FL, 33619



This service includes the replacement or repair of the DJI Mavic Pro Middle main frame. Includes parts and installation. If your Mavic Pros middle main frame was damaged it can give your Mavic Pro the following issues:

  • Mavic Pro battery not locking down
  • Mavic Pro Wing not folding properly 
  • Mavic Pro drifting while flying
  • Mavic Pro uncontrollable while flying
  • Mavic Pro pulling to one direction 
  • Mavic Pro Battery error
  • Mavic Pro gimbal not working shaking twitching
  • Mavic Pro overheating
  • Mavic Pro GPS error not working
  • Mavic Pro CPU overloaded
  • Mavic Pro CPU Overheating error
  • Mavic Pro Controller connection issues
  • More!


This service will remedy 9 out of 10 Mavic Pro Broken or damaged middle main frames, but may not be the only issue. After we perform out diagnostics we will get you a full diagnsotic. If additional repairs are needed you will be quoted accordingly.


Call us if you'd like to discuss this repair at 813-575-2160


How it works:

  • Fill out a ticket
  • Mail in or Drop-off your drone
  • We'll diagnose it first
  • You'll be presented a repair estimate
  • If you choose not to have your drone fixed after diagnostics you'll owe us a $69.00 diagnostic fee.
  • We'll repair what you approve
  • Test flight will be performed to ensure successful repairs
  • Once repairs are complete we'll ship back your drone free of charge!

DJI Mavic Pro Middle Main Frame Replacement Service


Drone repair is a very precise process. Due to the nature of aircraft, its critical our repair staff performs repairs right the first time. After our repair, we guarantee when your aircraft leaves our facility it will be 100% functional and ready to fly. FTG Drones is committed to our customers and encourage any customer that in the rare event have an issue related to our repair to please contact us immediately.

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