DJI Agras T-Series Spreading System 2.0

The Spreading System 2.0 elevates the efficiency of the DJI Agras T16 or DJI Agras T20 significantly by utilizing a payload of 16L (4.23 gallons) and a dispense rate of up to 15 kg/min (33 lbs/min). For direct seeding with grains 0.5-5 cm in size, the Spreading System 2.0 performs 70 times faster than manual operations. This improved form of planting is designed for multiple application scenarios, such as grassland reseeding, granular fertilizer spreading, and the spreading of feed for fish and shrimp. Installation of the system can be completed in under three minutes, proving that it is always ready for the task ahead.


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DJI Agras T-Series Spreading System 2.0


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