power line inspection
tampa, florida

Powerline inspections with our UAV's HD cameras look for physical damage to the structure, such as deterioration of timber components, rust or corrosion to metal components, or damaged insulators.

Utilizing infrared cameras allow for any hot spots to be identified quickly and easily, thus providing advanced warning of components that may be about to fail in the near future.

Photogrammetry can also be conducted to build a 3D model of the infrastructure, providing a realistic view of the environment. Need more accuracy? LiDAR may be your solution. 


With programmable capabilities, our UAV's can follow the power lines with ease. Infrastructure planning can be accomplished by creating a visual record or 3D digital models of transmission line routes being provided to maintenance/build crews before work commences. This will aid in designating staff to areas that require more or less work to prepare for tower construction or repair; this ensures improved manpower & productivity.



Traveling throughout Florida, Fowado Technology Group can come to you and achieve your mission objectives quickly and effectively.

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