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The M600 Pro has an extended flight time and a 5km* long-range transmission. A comprehensive battery management system means that if any of its six Intelligent Batteries are turned on or off, the rest will follow suit. The battery management system monitors every battery during flight, ensuring safe landing in the event of single battery failure. Compared to traditional non-intelligent batteries, the M600 Pro’s battery management system simplifies maintenance while enhancing security.


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Custom Drone payload solutions are our thing.

The DJI M600 & M600 Pro is the choice of many of our professional inspection and surveying customers.  The M600 natively supports custom payloads and allows technicians to quickly and easily configure a solution. 

DJI M600 Custom Payload Solutions

Having a dual gimbal setup on your DJI Matrice 600 can greatly improve its level of efficiency! No need to purchase a new aircraft to obtain the benefits of a dual camera system, check out our video above. 


Looking for a Drone with payload release? The DJI Matrice 600 Pro has the ability to lift up to a 15lbs payload and fly stably. This is a great tool for first responders looking for a solution that can transport and deliver cargo remotely.  Check out the video above. 

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