FTG Drones is Tampa’s DJI Inspire 2 experts. We carry in stock DJI Inspire 2 Batteries, Propellers, Controllers & More. The DJI Inspire 2 is an excellent professional drone capable of handling almost any task. From high-speed chase scenes to precious mapping, the DJI Inspire 2 is an excellent tool for the job. FTG Drones is a local DJI dealer in Tampa Florida who specializes in supporting commercial businesses & clients sustain and grow their new & emerging drone programs. Looking for a GPC Inspire 2 Case, or a new aircraft? Give us a call today to check item availability!


The Inspire 2 quadcopter is capable of:

Stunning acceleration: 0-50 in 4 seconds

Serious top speed: 67 miles per hour

Long-range: 4.3 miles

Extended flight time: up to 27 minutes

Flight modes: multiple

Dual video stream: FPV camera feed for the pilot, video camera feed for the photographer

Camera choices: a range to suit varying needs

Power: dual batteries

Cold-weather capable: self-heated

Recording: up to 5.2K video, 20.8MP stills

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