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I am new to drones. Can I take this course?
Many people that take our courses are brand new to drones and flying, for most this is their first time interacting with drones. The course teaches you some commonly known FAA rules and regulations then gets into flight features and drone anatomy, drones use's & more, followed by a question and answers section at the end. 


Does the class provide real-world training for the industries I'm interested in?

Yes! Our course is going to show you the fundamentals of the industry, so you can navigate it how you would like! Learn about Drone photography basics, mapping & surveying basics, more! 


How long is this course? 
1 day ( Up to 7 Hours). Classes held Sundays. 2 x 15-minute brakes. 

What Kind of drones will I see at training?

You will see several different variants, from consumer to commercial-grade aircraft used for mapping and inspections. 

Where is the class held? 

Class is held outdoors behind our fulfillment center at, 1013 US HWY 301 S, Tampa, 33619. Please check the weather and dress accordingly.



Due to the class being held outdoors, bad weather can causes delays or cancellations. We will notify you via text or phone call class is canceled. Refunds are available 


How many classes are held a month?
FTGs drone training classes are held 2 – 3 times a month. Usually on Sundays.

Do you sell drones in class? 

Yes, please speak to the instructor about your interest during breaks. 


Can I bring my drone? What kind of drone is available?
Yes, however, due to insurance purposes your aircraft cannot be flown or takeoff from our training grounds.  The instructor provides a DJI Phantom 4 series drone/ UAV. 


What is part 107? Does this course help me get it? 
If you have the desire to operate a drone/UAV for commercial gain, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires a person to hold a Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate.  This course goes over the basics and will provide you with resources to study and pass your Part 107 exam. 

What is the average class size?
Our classes typically have 4 - 8 students at a time. Max 10 Students.


How long is after class support available?
Indefinitely. Once you’ve become a student you can always get 
post-training help from us. Please note, phone support is limited, email support is responsive and usually the best method for technical support. 


I don’t live in Tampa Florida, is there hotel accommodations nearby? 
Yes, there are several hotels 10-20 minutes from the training facility that range from $70 - $200 a night. 



Payment is due 24 hours before class starts. Please follow the " REGISTER" button to register & pay. Attendees who have not paid and registered at least 24 hours prior to the start of the course will not be eligible for entry. "Walk On" learning is not available.  There are no refunds for this class!

How much does it cost to take the FAA exam? 
The current exam fees from CATS are $150. This is the 
to take the actual exam. 


Contact us with any more questions! 813-575-2160

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