I am new to drones. Can I take this course?
Many people that take our courses are brand new to drones and flying for the first time in the class. The course teaches you all the FAA rules and regulations and then gets into advanced flight features and techniques. 


Does the class provide real-world training for my industry?

Yes! We offer several different focused learning opportunities such as; UAV/Drone Cell Site Inspection Training (We have a tower on the premises!) UAV/Drone Roof Inspection Training (Both commercial tar and residential shingle roofs) Drone Aerial Photography & Film Traning, UAV/Drone Search & Rescue Training, UAV/Drone Aerial Mapping & Surveying, More!


How many days is the drone training program?
 days, times may vary depending on class size. Most people take the classes during the weekend on a Saturday and Sunday. 


How many classes are held a month?
FTGs drone training classes are held 3 – 4 times a month. Usually on weekends.


Can I bring my drone? What kind of drone is available?
No due to insurance purposes we will provide the drone.  The instructor provides a DJI Phantom 4 series drone/UAV.


What is part 107? Does this course help me get it? 
If you have the desire to operate a drone/UAV for commercial gain, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires a person to hold a Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate.  Yes, this course trains you on all relevant FAA material for the Part 107. The first day of this course is spent in a classroom going over and preparing you for the Part 107 remote pilot exam.


After I complete the Part 107 Test Prep course, will I be ready to take my exam?
We will make sure that you know everything you need to know and go in prepared on test day. However, after successfully completing our course we recommend an additional 15 hours of studying to prepare yourself for the FAA exam. Practice exams are given during the course so you get an idea of how well you are doing.

What is an average class size?
Our classes typically have 4 - 8 students at a time.


How long is after class support available?
Indefinitely. Once you’ve become a student you can always get 
post-training help from us.


I don’t live in Tampa Florida, is there hotel accommodations nearby? 
Yes, there are several hotels 10-20 minutes from the training facility that range from $70 - $200 a night. Please follow this link HERE. We are not affiliated with any hotels. 



How much does it cost to take the FAA exam? 
The current exam fees from CATS are $150. This is the 
to take the actual exam. 

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