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aerial surveying

UAV Aerial Surveying offered by FTG encompasses HD cameras, infrared cameras & photogrammetry.


Different requirements require different equipment, that’s why FTG offers several different tools for the job. Talk with our experts about your needs and let us fill in the blanks on aerial surveying. HD cameras provide present detailed visuals of current assignments. While Infrared provides a different perspective, showing hotspots & cooler areas allowing for planning or adjustments of work. Photogrammetry uses photography in surveying to measure distances between objects. Ensuring you reach your standard of accuracy using practical and detailed editing tools, ground control points, and RTK drone support. With these tools, we are able to provide our customers with centimeter-accuracy. 


Need an agriculture solution? Are you are an agriculture professional looking to use this cutting-edge technology for your industry? contact us today to learn how we can assist in achieving your goals.


Traveling throughout Florida, FTG UAV/UAS can come to you and achieve your mission objectives quickly and easily.

Tampa Florida aerial surveying, drone, uav
Drone mapping Tampa Florida

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